Some more details

Is there a mileage limit?
We always rent our Convertibles with unlimited mileage.
Rental term
The minimum rental term is 3 days. In rental terms, 1 day is considered a period of 24 hours (one day), taking into consideration the aforementioned times for pick-up or drop-off of the convertible. The deposit also applies to a rental period of 3 day. Read more about this in the subject 'Deposit'.
Picking up the convertible
You can come to the pick-up and drop-off location on your own accord. You can leave your car safely in our garage while you are out enjoying the Convertible. It is possible to deliver the Convertible to another location within a radius of up to 50km from Bossolasco. There may be additional costs involved. Please contact us for more information.

When picking up the convertible, it is recommended to check the Convertible with us for any damage that is not stated in the contract.

What do I need to submit / bring when I pick up the Convertible?
When you pick up the convertible in Italy, the driver needs to present a valid license and a passport. We make a copy for our records.
Dropping off your convertible
The rental agreement states the time and location of delivery of the convertible at the end of the rental term. We take care of cleaning the car on the outside. We expect the interiour to stay clean and tidy.
Can the Convertible be returned at a different location?
Yes, the Convertible can be returned at a different location. This needs to be discussed with us at the time of booking. Arranging this after you have completed your booking is not possible. If you wish, the Convertible can be returned at another location within a radius of up to 50km from Bossolasco. in some cases we charge an additional fee, since we need to arrange for the Convertible to be picked up at a different location. Discuss this with us before the rental.
I would love to visit other cities. Am I allowed to cross the border in the Convertible?
Yes, you are.
What about insurance on the Convertible? Should I arrange my own insurance?
The Convertible is insured. You do, however, need to take out your own travel insurance.
Traffic fines
Traffic fines caused by violation of traffic rules during the rental term of the Convertible will be charged to you, either by withholding the difference from the deposit or afterwards by sending you the invoice.
Is there a route included?
No, that is your own decision. Drive for as long as you want, and wherever you want to go. But we have set out a route of 150 km in the beautiful Langhe and Roero area, the 10-castles route. This route is described in a clear road book. If you want to drive this route, please indicate this when booking, then we will put the road book in the Convertible.

We can also recommend the Strada Romantica Delle Langhe e del Roero. In the Convertible you will find information and the route of the Strada Romantica.

But isn’t it a wonderful idea to only figure out where the road will take you day by day? Do you want to visit a city, or do you want to go to the market? Do you want to visit the beach of Savona, or hike through the mountains? That sense of freedom in magnificent Italy is the true spirit of vacation! Discover the Piemonte that is still undiscovered to many other tourists!
Weather guarantee
If we establish shortly before the rental term that the weather is expected to be bad during said term, we do not offer any restitution of the already paid rental price. We do, however, offer you the opportunity to change the rental term to another time.
What type of luggage can I bring?
The Convertible has a spacious, but low boot. Hardcover suitcases do not fit. We recommend taking two quite large overnight bags that can easily be placed in the boot of the car. There is some space behind the two front seats to place additional luggage, such as grocery bags. Please note that the boot can be locked, but the space behind the two front seats is open.
What should I do in case of trouble on the road?
Because of our unlimited mileage offer, we are not always able to come to your aid within an acceptable period of time should the car break down. That’s why our convertibles are insured with the Dutch ANWB under Road Side Assistance Europe. We have a special membership with this ANWB Service for our cars. In case of car trouble, please contact us first, so that we can discuss the situation with you. If you are still within an acceptable distance from us, we can come and fix your convertible right then and there or even provide a replacement vehicle. If we are unable to provide assistance within an acceptable time, than we call the ANWB and explain your situation so the ANWB can provide roadside assistance. If the convertible cannot be (provisionally) repaired and if it is not possible and/or responsible to drive any further, the ANWB will provide a replacement vehicle – not a convertible – so that you can at least continue your journey.
What should I do in case of damage?
First and foremost, you need to contact us immediately. Depending on the seriousness of the damage, we will discuss how to proceed. In mutual agreement, we will determine whether you are able to continue driving with the convertible or if you will be given a different convertible for the remainder of your rental term. Please note: if this was caused by reckless behaviour, we are entitled to refuse a placement vehicle. Please always make photos of the damage and save receipts of any additional costs.
What should I do in case of a collision with the Convertible?
Please alert the local police department so that they can file a police report. Contact us immediately after doing so.
All Convertibles receive regular check-ups and are repaired whenever necessary. All convertibles receive their periodic vehicle test (APK) in the Netherlands every year.
Can I rent a Convertible with towing hook?
Fuel full / empty
We deliver the convertible to you with a full tank of gas. The Convertible should therefore also be returned with a full tank. If the convertible is not returned with a full tank, we will charge you an additional fee of EUR 100,-.
Is there a minimum age for renting a Convertible from Cabrio Rent Italia?
The minimum age is 30 years.
How many years should I have my license before I’m allowed to rent from your company?
Five years.
Can anyone fit into a Convertible?
People taller than 1.85 m cannot fit behind the wheel of every Convertible. Please contact us to discuss which convertible is suited for taller people.
Please read below the four most important points about the deposit that you should familiarise yourself with before driving away in your convertible:

When picking up your convertible, you need to present a valid license and passport or ID.

The rental price and deposit for the convertible are paid in advance. After all, we are letting you take care of an object of significant value. For us, the deposit acts as a guarantee in case of any damage, theft, fraud, traffic violations or negligence. The deposit always amounts to EUR 1.500,--, even for one-day rentals. The amount is clearly stated in the rental agreement.

The deposit of EUR 1.500,-- should be on our bank account at least 10 days prior to the rental period. If you fail to pay the deposit in advance, you will not be able to rent the convertible. This may sound strict, but consider the following: we want some level of certainty before giving you such a valuable product that you can do with as you please. If the term is too short for us to check whether the deposit has indeed been transferred to our bank account, the deposit of EUR 1.500,-- will need to be paid in cash.

The deposit will be returned within 10 days at the latest, if the convertible has no damage, if the convertible was returned within the rental term and if the convertible has been inspected and deemed okay. In case of damage, the deposit will not be returned before it has been established that the extent of the damage does not exceed the amount of the deductible, after which the deposit regarding the deductible minus the price for the damage is returned.
Are there any special rules with respect to driving in Italy?
The maximum speed limit on Italian highways is 130 kilometres an hour. In case of bad weather, the speed limit is reduced to 110 kilometres an hour.

Outside city borders, traffic on the numbered roads (Strade Statali) has right of way. On an overtaking lane, the heaviest vehicle has right of way. If there are two similar vehicles, the vehicle that is closest to the overtaking lane, should give right of way.

On narrow mountain roads, ascending traffic has priority over descending traffic, except when the ascending vehicle is closest to the overtaking lane.

If your car breaks down or if you have an accident, place the emergency triangle on the road about 100 metres behind your vehicle. On any other road, the emergency triangle should be placed about fifty metres behind the vehicle. Should this action put you in danger, do not perform the action. The hazard warning lights need to be turned on and all passengers must wear safety vests, which are located in the boot of the convertible.

A white rectangle sign with a round, red-rimmed prohibition sign depicted on it, accompanied by the text ‘Zona traffico limitato’ – common in many cities in Italy – indicates a no-entry zone. Please be watchful of this, there are cameras everywhere and your fine will be sent directly to the Netherlands. Once we receive the fine, you will be charged with the costs immediately. Only cars that are exempted from this rule can enter this zone.

In all major cities, there are blue zones for paid parking, indicated by blue signs with a letter P on them. On or underneath the signs, the days and hours during which you should pay at a ticket machine are indicated. You can also buy parking cards at newspaper kiosks. You are only allowed to park for one hour on weekdays between 9AM and 2.30PM and between 4PM and 8PM. You need to use your parking disc to indicate your time of return. Never park the convertible partially on a zebra crossing. In Italy, there are strict rules and the convertible will be towed immediately.
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