Nice to meet you!  We are Roméo and Angeline

Let’s introduce ourselves

Roméo is the owner of Auto Roméo in Nootdorp (the Netherlands), a car company that specialises in Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Lancia and Volvo. In her everyday life, Angeline works in the legal industry and occupies herself with the administrative part of Cabrio Rent Italia. For years, we went on roadtrips with our classic Alfa Romeo Spider in Italy. Some trips were long, some trips were only a week. Either way, as far as we’re concerned, this is the ultimate way to enjoy a vacation. However, the long ride down from the Netherlands was a huge stumbling block for us. We also learned that it was virtually impossible to rent a convertible with any renowned company. We love roadtrips and taking off on impulse. Usually, however, you’re tied to a fixed route, limited mileage or a certain area. Disappointment.

We love the Italien road trips

We found our home base in Dogliani, a village located in Piemonte, about seventy kilometres south of Turin. It’s situated in the absolutely beautiful area called The Langhe. The winegrowing landscape has magnificent little roads and villages, including Barolo. For us, as wine lovers, this is the place to be. We think that everyone should be able to enjoy this. Experience nature, the surroundings, the smell and taste of Italy. What is up with that limited mileage rule? And why do you need to make that long and tiring drive to Italy? We found a whole lot of shortcoming in other rental agencies.  Shortcomings that might influence your vacation. And then we thought: we can do it better!

Cabrio Rent Italia

From that thought grew the idea of starting Cabrio Rent Italia. To make it easy for everyone, we offer the possibility to deliver the Convertible at another location within a radius of up to 50 kilometers from Bossolasco. There may be additional costs involved. Please contact us for more information. This means you’ll be able to enjoy your short-term vacation to the fullest, without having to make the long drive here. We currently own four classic Alfa Romeos and we might expand our range with other brands in the future. We hope that you’ll experience the same ultimate experience of freedom we did.