Rent a convertible in Italy

The sun that slowly rises. The smells of nature in the morning and the cool wind playing with your hair. A roadtrip in a classic Alfa Romeo Spider is the only real way to experience Italy. Lower the roof and experience the surrounding nature in the most intense way possible. Hit the road without a worry in the world. Visit an authentic little town, take a lunch at a trattoria or have a picnic in the mountains. Enjoy the nature Aosta has to offer, or visit the historical city of Rome. Choose the highway or a winding mountain path. Map out your route beforehand. Or don’t. The choice is yours.

No limited mileage or fixed routes.

Cabrio Rent Italia simply doesn’t believe in limited mileage or fixed routes. Traveling to Italy in your own car? Then you can leave your car in our care during your vacation or trip, for free. You can take the plane to Milan or Turin and travel by public transport to the pick up location. If you wish, the Convertible can be picked up at another location within a radius of up to 50km from Bossolasco. There may be additional costs involved. Your journey starts here. Why not drive to France and follow the road along the Côte d’Azur? Drive along the Italian Riviera or perhaps you would like to take the Mille Miglia route, from Brescia to Rome and back? Drive as far as you want, at no additional charge. Go from golf course to golf course, from hotel to hotel, or from market to market. Usually, with classic car rentals, a fixed route is part of the deal. That’s not how Cabrio Rent Italia handles things. This is your trip. Your choice. Choose your own route, at no additional expense.

Unlimited Freedom

Roadtripping in an Alfa Romeo Spider is a truly amazing experience. It’s almost indescribable. That sense of freedom and making your own choices is the ultimate bliss. You can decide where to stop or where to go. Something like that should be experienced and the only way you can do that is your way. We don’t want to be the thing holding you back during your own vacation, honeymoon or business trip in Italy. That’s why we don’t determine your mileage or what route to take. We trust you to take good care of our car and we trust you to enjoy your self-made route to the fullest.